Hi, I’m Joline.

I specialize in marketing & design.


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Hi, I’m Joline. I work in marketing and design, and I love what I do. My specialty is combining creative tactics with business savvy strategies.

avatar1I started my career in graphic design, but found myself more and more drawn to the problem solving and strategy-guided process of the marketing plan. I wanted to figure out the answers to the big questions, and I wanted a part in analyzing trends to create a campaign.

Fortunately, the world of graphic design lends itself well to marketing. In both worlds, a problem is trying to be solved. Design wants to make something not only pleasing to look at, but also useable and functional. Marketing leans more towards numbers and strategy, but the process of planning requires an idea-driven mind. My experience in both means that I understand how the two work together and I can bridge the gap between departments in a company.

I’ve always worn many hats in my work. And despite my responsibilities stretching across platforms, I dedicate myself to meeting deadlines consistently and presenting quality work. I believe that the work you do represents you as a person, and I always try to show myself in the best light. I’ve proven myself to be a valuable team member through promotions and raises.

Technology comes easy to me, and I’ve never met a computer program I couldn’t learn or a problem too difficult to solve. Or a cheese I didn’t like, but that’s a different conversation. I think writing is fun but so is editing. I like building good relationships with coworkers and maybe even grabbing a drink after work. Design is important, but so is its purpose. I always welcome feedback and criticism. And there’s probably no one out there that writes as many lists as I do.

My career goals include working in brand marketing and management. I find myself truly flourishing in creative environments that align with my passions. I’m always open to working on new projects, so please contact me if you’d like to meet up!

I have my Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida. My degree focused on creative advertising, and gave me my first taste of using my creative ideas strategically.
I began my career with internships in graphic design at advertising agencies and companies. I honed my design skills and started learning web design. Now, I still do design, but I’m also working with product marketing, email marketing, and creating content.
I’ve always been good tech-wise, and my program knowledge spans from Microsoft to Adobe Creative Suite, to online marketing and email platforms. I can build webpages on WordPress and HubSpot. I also have strong analytic skills and a way of approaching problems from a new direction.

You can view my full resume here. Below, you’ll find a few of my selected works, and I invite you to send me a message if you’re interested in talking more.


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You’ll find me in my favorite sunny city.

St. Petersburg, Florida

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