Hi, my name is Joline.

I tell stories, mostly. I’m a current Marketing Coordinator at Big Sea, and a former tonsil owner. I’m also missing a portion of my hamstring due to an unfortunate soccer incident. This type of information is why you came here, yes?

The Good and Evil of Native Advertising

If you use the internet (and since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you do) then you’ve likely encountered native advertising – whether you know it or not. You may have been on a site like Buzzfeed, reading a listicle called “25 People Having a Worse Day Than You” before realizing that it was a sponsored post promoted by an insurance company.

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Should You Listen To Music While You’re Working?

At Big Sea, you can find most of us wearing headphones and blasting music while we work, myself included. It helps me concentrate, and it feels like I get my work done faster when I have music on. Plus, it makes anything I’m doing that much more fun.

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Give Yourself a Break at Work

I’m lucky to work at a place like Big Sea that understands that it’s good to step away from your desk sometimes – whether that be for a chat with a coworker or a quick walk outside. Hell, sometimes a break means taste-testing a new beer you’ve been dying to try.

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The Unlikely Pairing of Beer and Yoga

Drink a six pack while working on your own six pack abs? Beer and yoga seem like an unlikely pair… but are they really so different at all?

Let’s see – they both help you relax, they both make you more attractive to other people (as long as you’re doing the yoga, and they’re drinking the beer), and they both have their so-called snobs.

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